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Promote Blood Sugar Regularity

Supports Overall Wellness And Nutrient Balance! Take charge of your life with GlucoVita™. Developed by doctors and dieticians, this formula contains a patented blend of 10 specific botanical extracts.


• Supports overall wellness
• Developed by doctors and dieticians


• With a patented blend of 10 specific botanical extracts
• Helps support nutrient balance and improve general well-being, as well as quality of life
• Promotes blood sugar regularity

Maintaining healthy blood sugar is key to balancing insulin levels, which play a vital role in managing weight and transferring glucose into your cells where it’s used for energy. Diet and exercise are critical in promoting a healthy balance to protect cells and organs that depend on blood sugar regularity.

GlucoVita™ along with diet and exercise provide a powerful combination that work synergistically to support healthy blood sugar balance already within normal limits to support proper metabolic function.

GlucoVita™ proprietary blend includes the following combination of botanical extract.

• Gymnema sylvestre: Helps balance blood glucose levels, which may result in maintaining body weight by minimizing sugar cravings.
• Cinnamon: Helps your body utilize insulin more efficiently and supports healthy cholesterol levels already within normal limits
• Bitter Melon: Produces insulin-lowering effects

Contents: 120 Capsules

Recommended Dosage: Take two (2) capsules in the morning, and two (2) in the evening.



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